Get Your Bellevue Area Business Featured and Social Shared on the Bellevue Business Directory

If you are in business, you are probably looking for more exposure so that you can get more clients who will make more purchases of your goods and services.  If you are in business in Bellevue, a great way to get more exposure is to get your business listed on the all-new Bellevue Business Directory.

The Bellevue Business Directory is a service of the Bellevue Business Journal.  You are welcome to list your business for free and can input your company name, address, phone number, website and even your logo!  This is already way more than your local chamber of commerce might do for you – and at no cost to you at all! Continue reading

Bellevue Needs an Entrepreneurial Business Incubator

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It is time.  Many of us have been thinking it.  Some have been acting on it.  I’m going to go ahead and write it.  As our friends at the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce have been shouting to the world for a few years:  It’s Time for Business.

Too many people, myself included, despite our best intentions, have become paralyzed by our challenging times.  This has not been helped by negative stories in the media about the economy, high unemployment rate, rising prices and the threat of further inflation.

There are too many talented people, good ideas and opportunities in this area for true entrepreneurs to be sitting on the sidelines any longer.  It’s time to jump in, get a little dirty, to invest some blood, sweat and tears into making things happen.

Here in Bellevue, I believe it is time for a real entrepreneurial business incubator to be born.  This incubator would help take maximum advantage of not only the amazing amount of talent we have in the area, but quickly help move along some great entrepreneurial ideas, weed out and define others – and maybe most importantly, take advantage of the great opportunities offered by these challenging times. Continue reading

Anyone on the Eastside Want More Business? My Marketing Will Provide – I Guarantee It!

Satisfaction Guarantee SmallI’m looking for entrepreneurs or businesses in Bellevue and on the Eastside of Lake Washington who really want and can handle more business.  I can get you more business and am so confident that I will help your bottom-line that I offer a complete and full guarantee:  If I don’t get you more business, I don’t get paid.  It’s that simple.

Once again just to reiterate:  If you don’t make more money, I don’t get paid for my efforts.

The only way you can lose on this deal is by not taking advantage of it.  Pick up your phone and call me now. Joe Kennedy 425-429-8590.  JoeConnector(at)

Eastside Entrepreneurs Relocates to the Eastside Business Network at

BIG changes have been happening for the Eastside Entrepreneurs Social Network.  Mostly because of the monthly expenses involved, I have decided to move the group from our Ning site over to a WordPress site run on the BuddyPress theme at  While the new site is not perfect and still under development (volunteers are welcome to help)., it will serve our needs, help us all connect, post and share our events.

Your feedback is important, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them – please email me at Joe(at)

In the meantime, if you would like additional exposure for your business, I can offer you special advertising discounts at various venues, including and  In fact – I’ll just make the offer here – if you contact me directly at Joe(at), I will give you a 12 month premium listing at for only $50 – that’s a 50% discount – and also gets you a link at (which is a Google Page Rank 4 site and will help your site get ‘Google Juice’.

There are also two different limited time offers that expire tomorrow -but you will want to take advantage of them today:

The October Promotion at Solavei – sign up by the end of the day tomorrow (10/31) for unlimited voice, text and data 4g cell service for only $49 a month and your first month is FREE – and if you are bringing your own phone, you get a FREE sim card too.  That’s a sign-up savings of $78!  Sign up now!

AU Business Club’s grand opening special – membership is only $75 for a full year and entitles you to attend members events, work in the shared office space at the club – and get super discounts on office and meeting room rentals.  AU Business Club is located in downtown Bellevue at 833 – 108th Ave NE – Let me know if you want to check it out – I’m there almost every day.  Act today – on Thursday the price goes up to $75 a month!

Welcome Eastside Entrepreneurs – Please Register Here! This is Our New Site

Although this site is still very much under development, new members can sign up, activate by email, add their own events and write blog posts.

The original Eastside Entrepreneurs site on the Ning network will be shut down in the next week if a sponsor does not step up to pay the cost of $25 a month.  We have not had many sponsors in the 4 year history and lately it’s been (embarrassingly) difficult for me to pay the $300 in fees a year with no income from the site while unemployed for the last three + years.

That’s the main reason is I’m moving Eastside Entrepreneurs to a BuddyPress WordPress site at instead of the Eastside Entrepreneurs Ning site.

Thank you very much for joining the Eastside Business Network at – we are looking forward to seeing you at some of our events!

If you still need to get back to the old site for some reason you will be able to find it at until about November 10th or so.

Captcha Installed – Hoping to Keep Away the Trolls and Spammers at

I finally got some Captcha plugin installed properly, so people should once again be able to sign up here at

Everyone in business here on the Eastside of Lake Washington is welcome to join in the fun – post their own events, write blog posts, connect with other members.

Please let me know about your experience and what can be done to make it even better!



First Post at – the New Home of Eastside Business and Eastside Entrepreneurs

This is the first post on this new BuddyPress installation at, which is going to be the new home for Eastside Entrepreneurs.

I hope that people will sign up, login, complete their profiles and start using the site.

Looking for More Eastside Organizations to Add Their Events to

Now that we’ve added an events calendar here at, we’re looking for more Eastside networking organizations to start adding their events here.

BTW – if you work with a non-profit organization that is looking for additional ways to raise money, please check out

Members Can Add Blog Posts – But PLEASE – No Spamming!

This is truly designed to be a community for local business people – we can all share news and information, tips and tricks and a lot more ..  It’s cool that all members are allow to write blog posts – and now we need to find a way to add an events calendar …

The Business Network of Eastside Entrepreneurs and Everyone in Business on the Eastside of Lake Washington