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Press Release Site for Bellevue and Eastside Businesses

Hello all you Eastsiders!

It’s my quest to make sure that everyone in business on the Eastside (of Lake Washington) knows that there is a free resource to help you get the word out about your business.  It is the all new Free Press Release site at

You can just send your media releases to PR(at) and your press release will show up on a well read and well ranked site.  It will not only help let people know about any news, awards, specials, etc that your business may be having, but it will also help give your site better Google Juice – a step towards better ranking, showing up higher in the search engines and ultimately getting your website more traffic and your company more business.

Give it a try today.  What do you have to lose?  It’s free!

BTW – if you are an Eastsider and are on Twitter, check out Eastsiders on Twitter @Eastsiders.

Become a Citizen Journalist and Member of the Community

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Is Bellevue Really All About the Artsy Intellectual?

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